Child Development and Protection

We, at Asha Akanksha Foundation arrange various activities classes and events for school going students who do not have access to basic things like quality education, quizzes, healthy habits and creative and physical activities. Most of the children are from families who cannot afford private school education and have to settle with government schools. These are students who do not necessarily have people around them to educate them about these basic aspects of life and hence we help them with that.

Free education

“Education bring light for others and leaves the world better than we founded”

In an ideal world, education would be treated as a necessity. But unfortunately, the world we live in, treats it as a luxury. Only those who can afford the hefty sums for private school have the privilege to this so called necessity, ‘Education’. But with time, the society is getting more aware and more active. We, at Asha Akanksha, are also doing our part in providing quality education to those who are unable to access it. We provide free education to students who have to settle with government schools, where education is provided, but not quality education. We indulge them in various activities, quizzes and group discussions so as to encourage all-round development and growth.

Free Dance classes

“Dancing talents don’t need wings to fly”

Who doesn’t like to dance it out every once in a while? Even in regular schools, there are mandatory periods for dance and sports. A child can be molded whichever way it is directed. Childhood is pure and there are no fears and nothing is holding them back. So this is the time when they can be taught confidence and the strength to perform in public. We also encourage the students to perform in events and functions. So even you can also contribute by contacting us and inviting the students to perform. These dance classes helps them open up and break all reins. We encourage them to ‘Dance like no one’s watching’. No matter how cliché it sounds, it is the way it should be!

Free Craft classes

“Craft your stress away, be a creator”

Craft classes can include various craft activities which involve sewing, folk art, jewelry making, quilting, ceramics and card making and other such activities. Along with regular educational classes and quizzes, we also help our students to enhance their creative sides. A creative mind is an active mind and an active mind means better retention and understanding. So, we make sure that our students keep their creative engines running! You can also connect with us and encourage the students by visiting our CRAFTSERA page on social media and buying the things made by them.

Free Educational trips

“books gives education, trips gives inspiration and experience”

It is important for the coming generation to know about the history of our India, its culture, its victories, its failures and its essence. What better way than taking them down the memory lane where it happened. It helps them make a visual picture in their minds and gives them an enriching experience. So we try to organize as many educational day outs as possible in order to drive them towards knowing the history of their country and its significance. Till date, we have organized such day-outs toIndia gate, National Science Museum, Doll Museum, Children’s Park, Bal Bhawan, Gandhi Museum, Zoo and more. The students are very enthusiastic and encouraged about these trips and along with enjoying their time there, they also learn a lot of things.

Menstrual hygiene camps

“Change begins with education; good menstrual health begins with acceptance”

Menstrual hygiene, one of the most important and also the most neglected issue in our society. Where people turn their heads in the opposite direction just by the mention of it, it would be foolish to say that they would talk about it. Although, times are changing and people are starting to get more open and more aware about it. It is extremely critical to educate young girls and give them proper and clean resources for their wellbeing and development. We at Asha Akanksha, educate girls about the significance of menstrual hygiene and why it is one of the most crucial things they should look after.

Life skills educational camps

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best: by Bob Talbert”

Life skills are some basic adaptive and behavioral traits that make dealing with the challenges of life easier. Only primary education and study techniques are not enough to teach a student how to get by in life. They need special training and guidance to help them move forward and we at Asha Akanksha aim at providing this training to students. We help them by teaching them the basic life skills and indulging them in group activities to play different scenarios and learn how they should react or behave in certain situations. Before entering the corporate world, they must learn about the societal norms and morals and that is what we help them with.

Road Safety Lessons

Road safety is a very pressing issue in todays’ fast running world. Not all drivers take note of safety precautions and hence children must be taught how to save themselves from such rash drivers. Even otherwise, they must be aware about the basic traffic and road. Learning these things at a young age also lays a solid foundation in their attitudes and helps them becomes responsible citizens, drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Environmental Education

“making kids realize their duty to save natural beauty gives us with environment sensitive youth”

Hailstorms in winter, snowfall in spring and what feels like a never ending heat wave in summers! The pace at which our environment is deteriorating, it is safe to say that we need help! And who is going to help? There isn’t a magical wand which will fix everything. It is us, the people, who have to take some action. And it is our duty to educate ourselves and those around us the significance of our environment and the dire need to conserve it. We at Asha Akanksha are doing our part in the same by educating the next generation and inculcating thoughts of conservation for our environment in their minds.

Quiz Competitions

It is important to challenge a child’s mind as he goes ahead. Just plain book-read studying does not has the same impact as indulging them in quizzes and group activities would. We divide them in groups which enhance their team-work qualities and teach them how to deal with competition. The idea is to challenge their mind and make them think quickly. It helps them stay attentive and constantly on their feet. We at Asha Akanksha Foundation try our best to encourage students by dividing them in teams and motivating them with gifts and prizes.

Drawing Competitions

As much as reading and writing are important, drawing also plays a significant role in the child’s mental development. Drawing is regarded as a virtual language which helps students express and communicate better. What they draw, the colors they use, talks a lot about what they are feeling. In addition to this, it can also help them to identify their passions and talents. So, we encourage students to take part in drawing competitions with rewards and gifts for the winners, which act as a big motivating factor for them to take active part and show enthusiasm. Additionally, all these drawing are on issues which will make the students socially active and aware, such as, pollution, environment conservation, etc. these topics help them relate to the issues at hand and subconsciously, have a positive impact on their actions.

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