Child Development and Protection

We, at Asha Akanksha Foundation arrange various activities classes and events for school going students who do not have access to basic things like quality education, quizzes, healthy habits and creative and physical activities. Most of the children are from families who cannot afford private school education and have to settle with government schools. These are students who do not necessarily have people around them to educate them about these basic aspects of life and hence we help them with that.

Online Competitions

We, at Asha Akanksha Foundation also organize various college level competitions such as Essay writing, Photography, Poetry and more. These competitions give college students a platform to express their views and present their work. They enhance their thinking capabilities and creativity levels along with making them socially aware and open since the topics for all of these competitions are based on social issues such as women empowerment, gender discrimination, child labor, etc.

Online Surveys and Reports

Even though we can make a huge difference if we try to, in some situations we cannot really take any action but what we can do is gather as much information as we can and spread awareness amongst people. So, as a part of this initiative, we conduct surveys on topics which are crucial for the society and where people can voice their views without the fear of being exposed. After the surveys, we formulate proper reports to analysis the gathered data and the current situation of our society and then some initiatives that could be taken by the government and the people to improve the situation.

Social Events and Camps

Being an organisation working for the society, it is embedded in our core to organise social events and camps on a regular basis to educate people about various issues. For instance all of these events are aimed towards enlightening the people around us so they can take a stand for their rights and become more independent and aware. Not only this, educating about ways to celebrate eco friendly festivals and making students realize the significant importance of each aspect