Online Competitions

We, at Asha Akanksha Foundation also organize various college level competitions such as Essay writing, Photography, Poetry and more. These competitions give college students a platform to express their views and present their work. They enhance their thinking capabilities and creativity levels along with making them socially aware and open since the topics for all of these competitions are based on social issues such as women empowerment, gender discrimination, child labor, etc.

Essay Writing Competitions

Asha Akanksha Foundation in association with CSR Research Foundation organised National Essay Writing Competition 2019 to enhance writing skills among the students and draw attention towards important issues of the Society.

PowerPoint Presentation Competitions

National Online PowerPoint Competition, 2019 is being organised to spread awareness about the prcoess of election and the factors influencing elections among the students.

Online Photography Competitions

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

Who doesn't like a good photo, a photo which speaks a story which words can't. JJust dont forget to take a snap whenever you find something mesmerizing. For centuries humans have walked on this earth and used it resources and how many times have we actually stopped and appreciated its magnificent features? Even in difficult times, when the temperatures are haywire and icebergs are melting, the nature doesn’t fail to astound us. Little changes in our day to day lives can make a huge difference and for that, we first need to look closely at what we are ignoring and wasting away. So open your eyes, look around you and capture the essence of our environment in the shadows.

Enviroment Quizzes

The world was supposed to blow up and end in 2012 according to the some scientists. The world was supposed to blow up and everything it contained was supposed to die. Well, the scientists were not wrong entirely. The world is ending, slowly, with the rate of exploitation going up. The world is dying, gradually pacing towards extinction and if we don’t do anything about it, the 2012 prediction will soon be a reality.

Legal Quizzes

Vidhi Judicial Academy and Asha Akanksha Foundation in collaboration is organizing an Online Quiz Competition on Criminal law on 5th July 2019.